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Everyone Can Play!


‘Playing’ with Ability!


The Bidgley Power Foundation over the years has created many opportunities for local people to play Badminton socially, in structured clubs and through tournaments. As part of the 2014 Community Badminton Festival the charity organised a disability and Dwarfs tournament at Birmingham’s prestigious National Indoor Arena.   Vanley Burke also known as the “Grandfather of Black British photography” recorded and captured the day through photography, giving you an insight of what goes on in communities and how sports heritage is a big part of community life.


Vanley Burke


Bidgley Power Foundation as a charity have come on leaps and bounds to enable everyone to ‘play’. The tournament was dedicated to getting participants with disabilities to play in a tournament organised and managed by Bidgley Power Foundation with the help of dedicated trained volunteers and staff from the community.

Making a Difference through Play!


We have seen that to Play badminton brings people happiness. It is an opportunity to bring people from all abilities together in one space, make friends and compete in healthy competition. The event saw many people come together and share experiences, learn about disability and interact with people from all backgrounds.


Play and Be happy !


The disability tournament is the only one of its kind to be run and managed by people from the community. The excellent work of the Bidgley Power Team Members (Pritesh Pattni, Brian, Harun Raza, Sham Uddin, Mr Rahman, Alfu Miah and John Timmins) and the success of the festival has meant that Bidgley Power Foundation are planning the 2015 Badminton Festival so watch this space!


These events will not be possible without the partnership of Disability clubs, sport organizers and the hard work from cares and the parents of participants and Bidgley’s growing volunteers (see our volunteers Page) who tireless work behind the scene looking after the players and making sure they get the most from the day. Kerry Hallbrook, the charities volunteers manager – organised the tournament ensuring a smooth running of events and that everyone had a great time!


_untitled_  9566

Gobi Ranganathan – England (WH2)

_untitled_  9234-2
Yours !

Different disability clubs across the country participated in the one day event, earning ranking points, trophies and prizes. The participant we welcomed and food was provided for them on the day so they can enjoy and play to the best of their abilities. Participants included the likes of: Owen Kilburn – England (WH1), Daniel Lee – England (SL3), Bobby Griffin – (SL4) and Gobi Ranganathan – England (WH2), all played in their classifications to make a competitive and successful tournament. For more player profiles see EBAD.

We would like to thank Vanley Burke for his kindness. commitment to the community and brilliant photographs.

Click on the arrows or play button to see more…enjoy!

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