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Lets Play


Lets Play 2014

Birmingham has a rich sporting and sports-associated heritage, history and identity.  Apart from the well known sports and sporting organisations, clubs and bodies, there is a field that has yet to be properly explored.  This is the field of sports in the context of play, community engagement, empowerment and development. Sport has been an important element of life within the city.  Crucially, over the course of the post-war period, as a result of ongoing social, cultural and economic transformation, sport has come to play an increasing role in developing communities, combating social exclusion and disadvantage, and increasing opportunities for bringing people together.


The Heritage Lottery Fund has approved funding to  address this gap in the historical records and in social knowledge pertaining to this aspect of the city’s history by drawing attention to, and recording and documenting the activities of ‘Bidgley Power Foundation’. This will be done by drawing attention to and researching into the wider history of engagement through the sport of Badminton within a community development context, over the last 4 decades. The project proposes to do this by:


  • Producing a documentary and short film around playing badminton in the community and its impact on peoples lives.
  • Gathering the stories and memories, through oral history activities, of those engaged in sports and play within a community development and community life context, including both service users and providers.
  • The creation of a project archive drawing together a range of historical materials from a variety of sources, including’ Bidgley Power’ as well as to undertake research activities, including through libraries and archives resources (and other agencies and bodies active in this area of community life), to explore, unearth, document and promote the diversity of rich historical and heritage material.
  • Create a mobile Exhibition that will tour Birmingham to share the stories, display photography and show the film so that people can learn from and enjoy community sports heritage
  • Develop a website and blog, informing the project and sharing the learning, memories and getting people to enjoy their heritage and history. The project also wants to engage non-traditional groups and highlight the work of the Libraries and archive department.
Bidgley Power Logo(2004)Developed By Pritesh Pattni



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