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Pritesh Pattni

Pritesh Pattni




Innovation and Creative Solutions to Community Development 


There have been many people that have dedicated their time and effort to enable others to learn, develop and play. I have started to build a profile of these people who work in the background and work hard to set up and organize activities and opportunities for others. One of them key members is Pritesh Pattni who has been running Bidgley Power as a club and now as a charity for over 25 years. Pritesh has become an icon in leading work in sports development, research and community empowerment at grass-roots. He work has only started to be recognized and he has become a bit of a celebrity by being invited to carry the Olympic torch and recently helping launch the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Birmingham. He has also meet up with famous people to talk about his work and contribution to help people in local communities like Aston to play sports and build capacity through youth development and volunteering.  See his pictures below.

Pritesh meeting with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

bidgley power foundation-40

Launch the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Birmingham

Torch Bearer at the London Olympic Games


Pritesh: Olympic Torch Bearer


Pritesh works hard in the background insuring that event and activities run smoothly. Here is Pritesh helping manage the Badminton Festival at the All England 2014.



pritesh 2

Pritesh Pattni – NIA Badmintion Tournament Manager


Lobbying at 10 Downing Street with MEP Nikki” Sinclaire to stop the demolition of Aston Arena Birmingham, a local community sports venue. Prtiesh, Ash and Harun worked hard to highlighting the impact to losing the  Leisure Center on areas. They had 4000 signed petition from the local people of Aston, Lozells, Nechells and Hansworth who were concerned because losing such a valuable resource to the community will have  knock-on effects  on  health and well-being, community sports and crime and welfare in the local area.



bidgley power foundation-68


Pritesh having a go at using the BBC camera a the filming of a documentary regarding the  Mansfield Green Pod opened by Bidgley Power to help young people through Youth Work and utilize green spaces and be active in parks.


Share Your Story of Play


If there is someone you know who have been supporting you and helping in the community to enable opportunities to play, might be a badminton player, coach, teacher, caretaker or friend then you can let us know and we will add them to our profile. You can also  tell us about your badminton adventures and playing in the community.  Go to Share your Story ! Click on a name below to read about  the persons and their input in to make a difference. You can also listen to their oral History and find out first hand about have they have engaged in play.