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Memories of Play

Capturing Play in the Community


I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in this project, with a special thanks to: Islam Mohammed, Pritesh Pattni, Abdul Gafar, Kerry Hallbrook , Sham Uddin and Abe Nar,  who spent their valuable time to collect the stories of others. I would also like to also thank all those  including badminton players, parents, teachers and coaches that have given their time to tell their stories about community heritage and  play .

As an Interviewer, I can say that it was an amazing experience of going back in time with them on their journeys and adventures of playing badminton, meeting new people, traveling, developing lasting friendships and even finding life partners. I was privileged to share your emotions and laugh out loudly at good times, empathize in the sad and share  the experiences of events through playing Badminton. Thank You for sharing the journey!

The Oral historical accounts recorded digitally can be heard online or from visiting the archives section at Birmingham Central Library.

Click on the Names to read about and see pictures of their memories of Play in Pictures

1. Pritesh Pattni

2. Sham Uddin

3. Nora Lodge

4. Harun Raza

5. Kerry Hallbrook

6. Abe Nar