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Let’s Play at Bidgley Today

Bidgley ‘Power’ to the people

Bidgley Power Foundation now in 2014 is a charity and has a model that prompts and encourages people from the local communities to actively volunteer while gaining essential skills and experiences to do good and help others. This system of volunteering has been going on since the Badminton club was first started in early 1980’s. The idea that if people want to make a change and had a keen interest in playing badminton and wanted to create a sense of club and unity then they would have to pull together and take on roles and responsibilities.


Now as a charity, it has developed and enhance this model to involve people with disabilities, young people and the wider community to in essence ‘Be the change they want to see’ The philosophy adopted by Mahatma Gandhi so in effect to see the transformation of communities through self-help. People in this sense need the opportunities to making a valuable voluntary contribution in their communities and take ownership of change and care for the communities they abide in! The volunteers reflect the diversity of the communities they represent.

Volunteers from different backgrounds faiths, languages and ethnic makeup work together on projects and ideas. Bidgley Power also has voluntary support from existing professionals with a whole host of skills and expertise already on offer to help others. Bidgley Power realized that in order to create a difference in communities it needed a diverse range of volunteers that had a platform to voice, share ideas and concerns and be part of the solutions. Through this model of volunteering  Bidgley. Power realized that they can have a strong community that is connected, united and solving the challenges of life together.

‘Let’s Play’ Everywhere!

Badmintion Outside Birmingham Central Library at Launch of Commonwealth games 2014



Bidgley Power foundation worked has moved into health promotion, social and community development and helping children and young people and is working  Badminton England, Aston Villa Premier League for sport, Active Parks and other key organisations to create a difference. As part as Active Park it has started to introduce outdoor badminton to the general public. Amazingly badminton started as an outdoor game, and with portable nets and a little green space, the game can be played and enjoyed outdoors. Bidgley Power in partnership with Active Park wants to create opportunities to play in over 25 local parks.



Badminton in Manfeild Park Aston

Bidgley Power Foundation have been developing Badminton in the community for over 35 years. In the last few years with the help of Elizabeth Rollason, Partnership Manager for Badminton England, the Charity has really focused on engaging people to ‘Play’ the game from all sections of the community and develop strategies to get people involved.


Meeting with the Chief of Badminton England ‘George Wood


Development Meeting with Badminton England

Bidgley has  helped develop new ideas and ways to get people to play badminton. In June 2014,  it had a meet with the  Director of Development at Badminton England, George Wood. The meeting was to discuss Community Badminton development and the future work. It was a landmark for Bidgley as its work was being recognized and supported. The meeting looked at how we can tie in the  ‘Smash Up‘ program as well as to get players to compete in the Battle Badminton.

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