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Project Volunteering: Leaning to Record Heritage


Filming at the All England


The Let’s play – A community Heritage Sports projects success comes from the supportive team at Bidgley Power Foundation and the involvement and the input of local volunteers, who have been working hard to make a difference. The volunteers have been through a series of workshops and practical training  to learning about interviewing and storytelling as well as how to collect Oral Histories and developing an archive.


Let’s Meet the Volunteers!


The volunteers  had to also learn about archiving, digital photography and helped the filmmakers Slatefish, a London Based film Company, to make a short documentary around community badminton. The volunteers included local people from the community, young people, University students and Bidgley Committee Members.


Creating A difference through Volunteering

Pritesh Pattni (Chair) and Harun Raza (Youth Development) Pictured organising the All England Community Festival below dedicate their time and effort to help people to be able to play badminton.



The Bidgley Power has volunteers from different background and in inter generational. Mamu is a pensioner dedicated to helping people to  people in the community to stay fit and healthy while working with young people in the community to play badminton. Mamu tells his own story (in Bengali, his native mother tongue) of how he got involved and how Bidgley Power Foundation keep him on his toes. (Mamu is pictured here volunteering at the National Indoor Arena as Line Judge).



Koyes Uddin is a star young volunteer. He has been engaged through Bidgley Power who have helped him  develop new skills and gain experiences. Koyes lives in Aston Birmingham and is now involved in other youth projects to help local young people play sport indoors and in Parks.


The project has sourced people who also love playing badminton. Shahab Khan pictured below is a student at Wolverhampton University. As a overseas student he has made all his contacts and friend through playing badminton. Shahab plays witht he Bidgley Badminton club as well as is coached at the university.

The Training has enabled them to work towards self-development, personal growth and gain an interest in local sporting history. Through this process, they have engaged with a diverse range of local people who play community Badminton and have been busy recording, learning and enjoying capturing heritage.  They have been inspiring others to tell their story and recording the heritage of people through play. Put it this way, without them the project wouldn’t be what it is…! Well Done team.

Click on the link button below to read more about the volunteers training:

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