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Sham Uddin




Sham Uddin, A local resident of Aston, Birmingham and volunteer for Bidgley Power has been influential in helping the organisation become what it is. Sham is a Warwickshire County Coach and coaches  the junior squad. He is also Bidgley Power Foundation Treasurer and looks after the accounts. Over the years Sham  has  played for and manged the Bidgley teams, seeing it grow and develop and also supporting young players to learn and play the game.  Sham Plays for the Bidgley Budhas Team (veterans) with other senior players in the team. Sham is now line Judges all over the world and has achieved international line judging status. He actively volunteers at the Yonex All England at he National Indoor Arena every year and is well know by the badminton community.


Internationals Line Judge and Bidgley Finance Manger


In The Hay Days


As a young player Sham joined forces with other player in Bidgley and played in tournaments. Below he can be seen in his team with other fellow players playing in the ABC (Aston Badminton Club Tournament). The ABC tournament was organised by Mr Abdul Gafar who was also a key individual who shaped badminton in Birmingham. (Sham Pictured on Left)

Sham group

Picture: Coutsey of Abdul Gafar

Sham played and trained a lot at Holte School. As touch player he teamed up with the ‘Power’ Player Ve Van a Vietnamese super star. They were a great team and won many matches together.


Sham Can be seen here with Ve Van playing in a tournament at the All England.


Sham Uddin and Ve Van winning at the All England

Working in Partnership


Sham’s input into the organisation and the voluntary work he does for the community is outstanding. Below he is Pictured with the PC Najb,  Councillor Councillor Ziaul Islam MBE and the Bidgley Team in Mansfeild Green Park, Aston.  The POD is a Youth project led by Harun Raza and allows young people living in Aston to use parks and be active in Green Spaces. Bidgley Power is working with many agencies and organisations such as Active Parks to help encourage people to play more sports and be more healthy. Sham has become a Badminton Activator and gained his qualification to deliver badminton in parks wit the public.


 Launch of the Youth POD – Mansfield Green, Aston Birmingham 2014



Role Model

His active role extends from community life to home life. Sham has children that also play badminton. Alim Uddin a junior Warwickshire player is also coached by Bidgley Power and hi Father. Alim has come leaps and bounds over the years and is looking to be a promising player. Alim also volunteers a community events and supports the Charity. We have found that parents are key and the first roles models to help children to be active citizens in the community. This can be seen here as Sham encourages his children to volunteer, play and be a part of Aston Community life.

Like Father, Like Son!



Volunteering at the Birmingham  School Games

Giving the Lord Mayor a chance to show his racket skills.



Telling the Story!


Sham has helped record the Heritage of Play through Badminton and is seen here being filmed to tell his story about his contribution to the community and his Life as a Player. He certainly has lots to tell!




Sham continues to play badminton for Bidgley Power. He also represent Severn Trent Water and plays for the team there. He has won many competitions.