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Skills Development and LifeLong Learning

bidgley power foundation lifelong learning

With a continuing heavy focus on skills levels in the UK, the concept of lifelong learning is gathering pace. This is not a new ‘Buzz Word’. It has been around for many years, it is simply what it says: Learning is lifelong because life is a learning experience.

We are very keen to help our service users develop their potential academically as well as in a sporting sense. Life long learning and youth educational mentoring are new aspects of our work and ones we are very keen to develop.In such an increasingly complex and fast-changing world, a genuine ethos of lifelong learning is essential as:

  • An instrument of active development and a means of “staying ahead of the game” – for individual people, for social groupings, for localities, for regions and for nations;
  • A responsive instrument for dealing with economic and employment shocks, for successfully making the transition from one life stage to another, and for continuing to have access to reasonable life chances by remaining active and employable; and last but not least, Maximising Employment Potential: local approaches to lifelong learning.
  • As a means for empowering people, groups and places in difficulty to improve their situation by using learning to achieve economic inclusion and a degree of voice.