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The POD Project Mansfield Green

bidgley power foundation the pod project

The Pod project follows on from very successful pilot program that is run by West Midlands police who ran small youth club from small facility based in Mansfield green small area park in Aston in Birmingham. Project proved to be extremely successful following cutbacks the police budget the project was shelved.

The aim of our organisation is to revive much-needed project within an area of extremely high deprivation and youth problems.

The Pod will provide a safe haven for young people to meet and carry out supervised leisure activities in semistructured environment. Currently there is only one other youth facilities in the area asked for is based in and only opens for 12 hours per week. We aim to provide disaffected young people place where they can:

  • Meet safely away from the prevalent guns and gangs culture in the area
  • Breakdown religious and cultural barriers
  • Introduce them to sporting activities through local partner spots clubs
  • Provide mentoring and career guidance
  • Undertake skills and vocational education preparation
  • Provide a common framework where statutory bodies such as the police can engage with young people in an informal environment.
  • Promote volunteering for young people through local partner organisations.
  • Foster links with local businesses with a view to apprenticeship placement.
  • Provides a place where the voice of young people can be heard within the community.
  • Compile and produce a community newsletter featuring the work of local volunteers and community groups.
  • These are the broad aims project hopes to achieve through a mix of funding, volunteering time, and sponsored by local businesses.