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Project Training

Learning How to Capture Oral History

Training Workshops

The ‘Let’s Play’ – A Community Sports Heritage Project enabled volunteers and those engaged with the project to:

  • Learn about and make sense of the heritage and histories that matter and impact in local communities through the sport of badminton.
  • Oral History: Gaining Interviews Skills and learning to using Digital Recording Equipment
  • Photography (Using Adobe Lightroom, editing pictures, and using the new photography equipment.
  • Learning how to use Social Media from experts, Website Development and Using WordPress and Blogging.
  • Help and support of Filming with professional film makers
  • Creating an archive and learning how to record and deposit collections.
  • Creating and building an exhibition for public view and reflecting the heritage and histories of communities engaged in sport.


Oral History Training at  Birchfield Library Aston



Bidgley Power Foundation set up training for volunteers to learn about their heritage and history as well as find out the power of story-telling. With the help and support of the volunteers we hope to gather more than 25  stories from people participating community badminton.

The first training was held at the new Birmingham Central Library. The volunteers went through the process of learning about oral history, interviewing skills, and how to record people’s stories digitally. They were given an insight into how to archive and record information, and how to deposit records and maintain a collection. Other sessions involved dos and do not’s of interviewing and well as understanding interview guidelines and the importance of interview preparation.

With the help and support of a expert trainer, the volunteers learnt how to use and take care of digital recording equipment, how to store of data and discussed issues to do with copyright and publications and share experiences. It was also an opportunity to visit the brand new Library! Many of the volunteers had not seen the new library and didn’t really know much about heritage or that the library kept an extensive range of archives and historical deposits that people can enjoy, access and add to.



The workshops helped develop their skills as interviewers as well as build confidence and communication skills . Having the opportunity to have practical training helped them get a first-hand experience of doing mock and live interviews. They all worked together and supported each other and had whole lot of fun!


Learning to use the Digital Equipment

Learning to use the Digital Equipment


Practical Stuff

The training involved a practical sessions. Volunteers had the opportunity to do some live interviewing and go through role play. They discussed and reflect on the session and help each other become proficient at interviewing and share ideas and really enjoyed the experiences!

See Pictures of our training in Progress below…

The volunteers were updated through regular meetings where they had the opportunity to feedback in progress, solve issues and plan new interviews. The Bidgley Power Officers were used to conduct presentations and training as easily accessible to local people and had quite rooms to conduct interviews.

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