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At Bidgley Power we are passionate about our volunteers and the difference they make to our work. Volunteering is relevant to all spheres of life and volunteers are making a positive impact on economic, social, cultural and environmental issues. Volunteering can empower people and communities to fulfill their potential and contribute to social change.

It can also engender a greater sense of ownership of ‘bettering’ their community. Local people hold the insight and knowledge of local issues which is useful when planning programs of work with community development professionals.

Constructive engagement can lead to positive developments in terms of health, job creation, innovation and crime prevention (Davis, 2007). Volunteering itself is good for individual health and the more engaged communities are as a collective, the healthier they become socially and economically (Volunteering England, 2008).

Volunteer activity provides a network of social relationships that connect people to each other and their communities. It is this connection that is vital to building democratic, healthy and self sustaining communities. Arguably some of the most significant and valuable impacts that come from volunteering are in relation to building skills, relationships, bonds and having positive outcomes.

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