Shalini's Journey 

Active in the local Church and community Shalini started helping Bidgley Power Foundation by volunteering through the Charities varied projects and programs and indeed was involved in the joint project with our partner groups in organising the very successful summer fete. This inspired her to more community involvement through charity volunteering. Helping to run a homework club project in 2017 and this was completed successfully exceeding all expectations.
The importance of being involved and connected within a community is clearly demonstrated by what Shalini has achieved because if she can do it those around her feel they can to; this is a positive motivator for change. The positivity gained from helping their community is the golden ticket which volunteers receive back as a feeling of achievement. Once people can see they make a difference and this reflects back in the form of a general improvement within their area and beyond, it driving forward more positivity through helping others. 
Shalini went on to get a degree and MSC in aeronautical engineering and has become a role model for other young girls in the area. She is continuing in education and enrolled in a business management program at present and continues to volunteer.
Shalini stated clearly that without volunteering and helping others achieve their goals she would not be the person she is today, with the tools and knowledge to forge a path that benefits her and her family.