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Farah's Story

My name is Farah, I grew up in Aston, pursuing a school life that was filled with adventure through extra curricular clubs and events, like sports, or the army cadets. During this time, I was awarded for my skills and involvement within sports teams, drama, leadership and all-rounder praises. Overtime I have developed an interest for exploration, and I love spending time with people doing small things to improve general lifestyle. I currently attend a grammar school, expanding my education in the arts and humanities with hopes for taking these into further education, in pursuit of an eventual career in education.


I currently take part in dancing, the young combined authority board, and volunteering with charities like this one, which focus on improving the quality of life for all. From these hobbies I have achieved a great understanding of community, which has enabled me to interacting with many diverse groups of people confidently. My experiences of volunteering have motivated me to strive for an equal involvement for all kinds of people, who come from all kinds of backgrounds. The enjoyment experienced by the participants of the camps have a heart warming effect on all those involved, and knowing that I have been able to contribute to this atmosphere (especially amid a global pandemic) has been an incredibly wholesome experience.


I enjoy volunteering because when I compare the participants experiences to some of my own, I am able to recognise parts of myself which changed due to similar experiences; knowing that I play the role that others have for me is a truly compelling experience.



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