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Floren's Story

I have recently graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Sciences in the field of cancer research from Aston University. My research looked at whether multi-resistance protein plays a critical role in the development of breast cancer. My Ph.D. project cultivated a long-standing interest in cancer metastasis and is one important cancer research area as most cancer deaths are due to cancer metastasis. Therefore, understanding and identifying the mechanisms that favor cancer cell migration, invasion, and metastasis are an important steps in cancer research in finding novel cancer treatments. The intricacy and the challenge to better understand how diseases work and to find better therapeutic options have always been my motivation to make my contributions to the improvement of the quality of human life. Therefore, my career goal is to assume a role that allows me to consistently engage in world-leading research that is rigorous and relevant to today's life and health science practice. 


Apart from my career aspiration, during my spare time, I like to play badminton. I have made so many friends by playing badminton and has helped me be well integrated into the local community. I have so far volunteered three times at the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships which has helped me improve my social skills.


I am currently the Birmingham Badminton League secretary. It’s a very demanding position but with devotion and perseverance am sure I can do a good job.  It is because of my dedication to help and give back to my local community I have actively participated as a volunteer in charity events organised by Bidgley Power Foundation. One of the charity events that I volunteered in was the recent Aston Summer Camp whereby the aim was to bring the kids in the local community together to make new friends and to have fun during the summer vacation. The event has helped me to become a better leader and role model as the children look up to me for guidance. I look forward to volunteering for many more events with Bidgley Power Foundation.  



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