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Bidgley Power's mission is to enable people to change their lives through active involvement in their community.  In our new Strategy for 2018 – 2021 we strengthen our commitment to prioritising people who are most excluded from society, especially those for whom other sources of support have failed or alternative support is simply not available.


Our new Strategy has been developed alongside our service users, our trustees, our peers, and our staff.  It builds upon our existing strengths and our belief that everyone has the potential within them to affect positive change for themselves and to contribute positively to society.

Over the next three years, we will:


Goal 1:  Increase our reach and impact

Priorities for 2018-21:

  • Continue to deliver strong and effective programmes targeting the most excluded in our community, working with an increasing number of clients each year.

  • Further improve the support we provide to help clients to participate positively in their communities, through programme innovation and the piloting of new approaches.

  • Increase the extent to which our clients inform and drive what we do, ensuring that we continue to meet the changing needs of people in need of support.

  • Increase the use of volunteers in the delivery of our programme, including increased use of previous clients to provide support to peers.

Goal 2:  Raise awareness and remove barriers Priorities 2018-21:

  • Establish Step Together as a source of expertise within the sector on how bespoke volunteering can change lives of people with complex needs.

  • Raise awareness amongst our client groups of the beneficial impact volunteering can have on their lives, and of their potential to contribute positively to their communities.

  • Inform and educate charities and community groups about barriers to volunteering for people with complex needs, and the value these individuals can bring to organisations.

Goal 3:  Build a strong and resilient organisation Priorities 2018-21:

  • Further strengthen our evidence base demonstrating the outcomes and impact of our work, including periodic external validation of our results.

  • Continue to diversify our funding base to secure a strong financial future for Step Together.

  • Develop our supporter base through newsletters and campaigns, highlighting success stories which inspire and engage our clients, our partners and the wider public.

  • Continue to develop strong partnerships with other agencies which add value to the work that we do and enable us to achieve real and lasting impact for our clients.

  • Strengthen the governance of the organisation, ensuring we are compliant, managing risks effectively and are following best practice in the sector.

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