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George's Story

George is an Afro-Caribbean man 58 years old and lives in a flat in an inner city tower block in Birmingham. After his divorces and losing his job as a security guard George suffered from depression and health problems.

George has multiple health issues including diabetes and his health prevents him from participating in a whole range of activities adding to his depression.

George’s daughter took part in activates run by the Charity and this encouraged George to look in to how he could make a difference to his life and help the community at the same time. 

George started volunteering with the Charity and helping at events and with the youth programs and this has lead to him feeling healthier and giving him a renewed sense of achievement and he feeling of engagement with the community. The volunteering experience has provide to me life changing for George who now feels engaged with others and is now a trained mentor volunteering in the youth programs.

Volunteering has given him a purpose and made him believed he matters and he wants and does make a difference to those around him. George’s whole outlook on life has changed through working with Bidgley Power Foundation and he has taken on more responsibility within the Charity which is continuing to benefit others and make a difference.    

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