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Seasonal Camps – Bring It On Brum 

Summer Camp (August / Turn out: 65 Kids) & Easter Camp (March / Turn out: 65 Kids) 

Our Seasonal Camps follow the same timetable and activity plan, with various trips throughout the year. 

We ran a Easter and Summer Camp as part of the Bring It On Brum campaign in 2023. We ran the club on two sites for two sets of children. One In Aston and the other in Highgate. Kids in Aston get involved in different activities such as football, badminton, tennis, volleyball, table tennis and various other activities indoor such as arts and crafts. We did the same on the High gate site, with access to pool tables, and board games for the kids as outdoor space was limited. We had a turnout of around 43 Kids at the Aston Site and 21 Kids at the Highgate Site. 

Benefits of Summer/Easter Camp: 

  • Make new friends: Summer/Easter camp is a great place to meet new people from all walks of life. Campers often form close bonds with their bunkmates and other campers. 

  • Learn new skills: Easter/Summer camps offer a variety of activities and workshops that can help campers learn new skills and develop their interests. 

  • Gain independence: Summer/Easter camp can help campers learn to be more independent and self-sufficient. They will have the opportunity to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own actions. 

  • Build confidence: Summer/Easter camp can help campers build their confidence and self-esteem. They will have the opportunity to challenge themselves and succeed in new activities. 

  • Have fun: Summer/Easter camp is all about having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime. Campers will participate in a variety of activities that are designed to be enjoyable and engaging. 

We also took the kids on various trips such as the Nature Centre (pictured below), Digbeth Beach and Starcity Bowling, Cadbury World and Cannon Hill Park. The kids enjoyed watching the Tamarins run around, while enjoying some ice cream in the sun. Digbeth Beach was full of adrenaline pumping rides and a huge beach for some fun in the sun. During the seasonal camps we encourage healthy eating through different workshops, activities and lots of fruit! 

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